About Us

R. Singleton(Founder and CEO) and A. Thomas (Co-Founder) established JackMobb Inc. on May 19, 2006. We assist commercial businesses and individuals with hosting events in the entertainment and night life market through extensive promotion. Since JackMobb Inc. was founded, the business hit a growth spurt and has now been segmented into three regions: JackMobb North, JackMobb Metro and JackMobb South. This has given us the ability to provide more location to specific target markets for our clients. Our official web site JackMobb.com has grown to receive over a million hits a month and we hope to increase our online traffic in the near future

As a company, we understand that planning an event or running a business can be a very challenging task. So, we provide a number of marketing services to give our clients the ability to reallocate their focus on other areas, thus maximizing their profit potential. We have established positive relationships all over the state of Mississippi and outside states as well, thus giving us the ability to reach any market extremely quickly.
We also provide detailed consultation to ensure that we are reaching our client's desired target market. We provide promotional services through graphic design, online social networking sites such as MySpace and Face book, and placing advertisement on our web site.

JackMobb plans to continue to strengthen our business relationships with our clients and in the state of Mississippi and outside markets as well. We hope to strengthen our online services by constantly improving our web site, establishing continuous growth throughout the U.S. region, and continue to provide top of the line advertisement for our clients.

For more information you may contact us by telephone at 601-376-9804 or via email at JackMobb@gmail.com Subject Line:JackMobb Inquiry



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