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As a company, we understand that planning an event or running a business can be a very challenging task. So, we provide a number of marketing services to give our clients the ability to reallocate their focus on other areas, thus maximizing their profit potential. JackMobb.com was launched in 2006. After extensive promoting, our web site received over 1 million hits a month. This opened a broader window of opportunity for our clients a more visible presence online.

A lot of businesses have turned to social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Although these are free services, its important to understand how to advertise on these sites effectively. We will provide advertising services and consultation on how to make the most out of your advertising experience online.

JackMobb Inc. has established positive business relationships with many Mississippi businesses, night clubs and social organizations. Please see our services and pricing below:


Graphic Design
Flyer Design:
$80.00 (cost of printing not included)
Social Netorking Layouts
$80.00 and up
Upcoming Events Section
$50.00 (5-7 days)
Social Networking Advertising
Gold Package
Gold Package Includes sending comments, messages, friend´┐Żs requests, and event invitations to 3 cities of your choice for 5 consecutive days (that's 500 people plus a day that's hitting a minimum of 2500 people for five days in their target market). All content must be provided. This does not include flyers or creating MySpace page.
Platinum Package
Platinum Package Includes basic graphic design. Includes customized tables, background and layout. Includes sending comments, messages, friends request and event invitations to 5 cities of your choice for 7 consecutive days, (that's 500 people plus a day that's hitting a minimum of 5000 people for ten days in their target audience). All promotion material must already be composed. This does not include the creation of material. Note: An additional @20.00 for creation of a duplicate page for promotional purposes only. We do not send duplicate messages to the same users from different accounts

Package One $125.00
  • One page ad
  • 3-5 lines of text
  • 3 photos
  • 3 full months
  • Home page linked (5 days only)
Package Two $275.00
  • One page ad
  • 5-7 lines of text
  • 5 photos


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