North Ave Jax “2 high 2 speak” (Official Video)

North Ave Jax “2 high 2 speak” (Official Video)

North Ave Jax is the name that strikes our minds whenever we think about Burlington, Vermont. The buzzing artist recently dropped a new single titled “2 high 2 speak,” creating a name for himself.

Working under LVRN, the artist has been doing his thing on Sound Cloud, Apple Music, and YouTube since this track was released. The song has over half a million streams within a month, more than 500 reposts, and around 8000 likes on Sound Cloud.

With killer beat selections, amazing lyrics, and a new sense of focus, the recent song by North Ave Jax exudes the calm that comes with years of refinement. To some people, his voice may sound tired or spent. But it is focused and collected into a deep alto.

The artist has shown his whip-smart energy by sounding content and happy in his previous works! But, whether you listen to his other works, Play Dumb or Trust Nobody, you’ll find that the rap and hip-hop artist does justice to his art. On Sound Cloud, people express their love for the new single, “2 high 2 speak”.

Some are even calling him a legend, genius, and the next prominent artist! His new music is undoubtedly a banger and has already made 2022 better for many!

For people listening to North Ave Jax for the first time, “2 high 2 speak” is an impressive start. From his flow to his bars, the message behind this single is relatable to many people. His voice on top of the beat fits together perfectly! While the hook was undoubtedly catchy, its video helped bring the lyrics and the message to life!

People who have been feeling low or broken lately might relate to “2 high 2 speak”. In this single, North Ave Jax has put his heart on his sleeves by sharing his life update with his fans.

For all the North Ave Jax fans out there, here’s some good news - on April 16th, the artist will make a special appearance at the Higher Ground Ballroom to perform alongside Burlington, VT-based artists, including SSGKOBE and many more! So, if you’ve been waiting to hear the rap artist’s lives, here’s a fantastic opportunity!

Although North Ave Jax was born in a quiet town, he chose a much louder path. The Burlington native took the unexpected route, threading deft verbal dexterity through unpredictable soundscapes punctuated by punk rock spirit, pop ambition, and even a twist of R&B.

At the age of two, he picked up drums and continued to play through grade school - even joining a rock band! Next, his mom introduced him to Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And a trip to the local library unlocked hip-hop for him!

After hearing Flo Rida’s ‘Low’ on library headphones, he began to embrace rap, listening to JAY-Z, Drake, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Brent Faiyaz, and many more artists!
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