JackMobb was officially established in May 19th.


JackMobb ventured into online merchandise.


JackMobb maintained  a steady growth regarding clothing apparel globally!


JackMobb Inc. was founded by Rogdric Singleton in 2006. Rogdric Singleton later shared the idea with childhood friend Aquino Thomas, whom later became the Co-Founder of JackMobb Inc. JackMobb Inc. was officially established May 19, 2006 in Jackson, MS. The two shared ideas on making JackMobb Inc. a major Multi Media Company that encompasses Entertainment, Fashion, and Marketing. JackMobb Inc. later developed into a top entertainment company hosting major events around the state of Mississippi. After the company’s popularity grew it diversified it’s brand into marketing and E-commerce from a local to global imprint. JackMobb Inc. has been in business for over 16 years transitioning with pop-culture such as entertainment, marketing, and fashion. JackMobb Inc. continues to revamp and maintain a foothold as a unique household name. JackMobb Inc. would like to thank our customer base for it’s tremendous support over all the years in operation.