North Ave Jax “2 high 2 speak” (Official Video)

May 02, 2022 ProDigital Freelance

North Ave Jax is the name that strikes our minds whenever we think about Burlington, Vermont. The buzzing artist recently dropped a new single titled “2 high 2 speak,” creating a name for himself.

Philly's Michael Braxton Releases "Purple In My Cup" Instrumental

May 02, 2022 ProDigital Freelance

Michael Andre Braxton, a music artist hailing and representing Philly releases a compelling instrumental titled “Purple In My Cup.” The track is taken from his forthcoming album.

YSB Tril’s Hot New Album, Starstruck 2, Perfectly Displays His Versatility, Range

May 02, 2022 ProDigital Freelance

Tae Riley, who is making ripples across the hip-hop industry under the stage name YSB Tril, is a flourishing rapper from the quaint eastern coast town of Clayton, North Carolina. His catchy cadences, vocal prowess, brilliant songwriting capabilities, and effortless flow ensure that his music finds a place in nearly everyone’s music playlist or roster.